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What challenges are facing your organisation?

    Is the pace of change increasing?

    Is the pressure of global competition from quality competitors rising?

    Are your customers’ expectations rising?

    Other challenges ....... ??

How are you meeting these challenges?  

One way is to ensure that your employees are delivering their best performance.

The GBP PRO CONSULTING Performance Enhancement Program is a comprehensive modular training program geared to meet this need. It is a practical program for Professionals, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders     
    who work with others to achieve results

    and who are responsible for improving the performance and developing the competencies of their teams.

This is not a training program in the traditional sense: YOU could be an essential part of the dialogue. Every session is lively and discussion-based. YOU will have ample opportunity to ask questions, make comments and share experience with the other participants and with the tutor. Trainer: Mrs. Penelope Yeats (U.K) Delivery language: English

Duration: Three consecutive days
Delivery language: English

TRAINER: Mrs. Penelope Yeats (U.K)

Maximum delegate number per group is 10.

Separate modules, part of this program, can also be delivered.



Modules’ structure

Content of the modules

I. The first module will be followed by two weeks individual practice

Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness Workshop (two days)

Outline of the two days workshop:

What is Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence versus IQ

Emotional competence framework: on a Personal level, how we manage ourselves and on a social level, how we handle relationships

         Self-awareness, self-confidence



         • Empathy

         • Social Skills

Personal behaviour style, strengths, weaknesses - the impact on others in everyday interactions and difficult situations

Values, beliefs – how they can affect behaviour

Communication skills for effective interpersonal relationships

         The impact of Vocal tone, pace etc., Verbal word selection, and Body language             in communication

         The art of listening

         Use of effective questions

         Building rapport

         Influencing, persuading and use of assertiveness

         Giving and receiving feedback

II. Second module will be followed by three weeks individual practice

Coaching for performance Workshop (two days)

Outline of the two days workshop:

         Coaching and Mentoring - meaning and interpretation

         Purpose and benefits to the Organisation, Individual and Team

         Identifying opportunities for coaching

         Skills and attitudes of a successful coach

         Emotional Intelligence – The Personal and Social competencies of coaching

         Performance improvement – ownership and responsibility; achievement; fulfillment; motivation; enjoyment

         Barriers to coaching and how to overcome

         Adapting style and method to suit different individuals and situations

         The coaching structure – Using the GROW model

         Giving feedback

         Planning the coaching session

         Communication skills - specific requirements and skills for coaching

         Evaluations of coaching outcomes – output measurement and tools


One to one coaching with tutor (two days)

(one hour per participant)


One day Encounters Workshop

Morning: delegate shared experience and learning reinforcement

Afternoon: Team Coaching


One to one coaching with tutor (two days)

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