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Training si dezvoltare Management Essentials Program       inapoi


     The Management Essentials Program is designed for middle managers with 0-2 years experience who have limited exposure to management training.

     The Program Objective is to provide a knowledge and skills base for a consistent management approach across the organisation.

     The Client-organisation values and leadership profiles will be incorporated into the program.

     The Strength Development Inventory (SDI) tool will be used. This learning resource has been proved to be effective in building strong relationship worldwide for more than 25 years. It enables everyone to understand the reason why people do things rather than just observe and react to what is done.

     This paper-based questionnaire was developed in the USA during the 1970s by Dr. Elias H. Porter, PhD. The SDI is not a test which may list behavioural types and is not an instrument for selection. It is an inventory, which provides invaluable information on what motivates a person under two conditions: when everything is going well and when you are faced with conflict and opposition.

     Recognising and dealing with inter-personal conflict is a crucial element in all relationship, but especially within teams. The SDI provides insights into how to recognise the first signs of conflict in others and shows how to respond appropriately to resolve the dispute before it gets out of hand or unwittingly causes further antagonism.

     Top trainers throughout the world are now using SDI for successful team building and developing united working relationships.

Duration: Three consecutive days
Delivery language: English

TRAINER: Mrs. Penelope Yeats (U.K)


Maximum delegate number for the program is 10

Day One
Communication and Behaviour Skills

What is communication
The Strength Development             Inventory personality tool

The art of listening



Day Two
Management Styles and Team Building

Understanding motivation

Management styles and techniques

Building and motivating a team

Recruitment and interviewing skills

Day Three
Managing Performance

Company Vision

Assessing and monitoring performance


Problem solving and decision making

Dealing with difficult situations

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